Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact with questions?

Before contacting us, please review the items below. If you don't find your answer there, email us at info-at-nevernotfunny-dot-com!


I'm using a Mac or iOS device, if I try to download from a link, nothing seems to happen

If you are experiencing this, the most likely reason is that you are using the Safari browser, and you haven't given blanket permissions for downloads. This means you need to approve downloads from, what you need to do is look in the search bar to the right. You should see a pair of overlapping rectangles that look like tiny browser windows. After attempting to download, click this icon and you should see a request to approve to be allowed to download files. After you give approval, downloads should work from there.

If that doesn't solve your issue, there is another way that Safari can prevent you from downloading content from the site. If Safari is set by default to "Block and Notify" under Preference > Websites > Pop-Up Windows, you will need to go into this preference and select "Allow" from the dropdown next to our website.


I'm outside the US and I tried to donate on Smile Train's site, but was unable to

Smile Train is aware that some countries may have an issue using their system, and are working to fix it, but some countries are harder to do than others. If your country isn't included, contact them directly to let them know you want to donate, and to find out when you'll be able to.

What podcatcher do you recomment?

While we don't have a preference, as of 2023 our subscribers report that Pocket Casts is the most reliable way to view our RSS content.


Where do I enter my password?

To provide simpler security, our system does not use passwords! Instead, you create your account with an email address, and to login, a message is sent to that email allowing you to access your content on the website. This login should stay valid for 30 days. After that, you will need to have access to your email address if you need to log in again.


Can I play my content in the browser at



What's Pardcast-A-Thon?

Never Not Funny's charity event that has raised over $1.5 million for Smile Train! Learn more here!


How do I donate?

Head over to!


How long will my purchases be available at

While we will do our best to make sure that this site remains on the internet FOREVER, we can't guarantee that. We recommend that you back up all of your purchases in case we have a catastrophic issue that results in errors or problems with our site.


I purchased previous Pardcast-A-Thon content on the old, but lost the files. Can I get those back without making a new purchase?

Unfortunately, no. Due to issues with that website (which is why and this new were created), we no longer have access to that data. We tried very hard to let our customers know that they should download that content and back it up. In the end, remember that this is for charity, and if you buy a second time, you'll be helping more children get surgeries that will change their lives! 


How much does Pardcast-A-Thon cost and what do I get?

Each Pardcast-A-Thon archive costs $20-$25, the proceeds of which are donated to Smile Train. By making your purchase, you will be able to download both audio and video of the event you select, and have access to RSS feeds for all of your purchases. Each event is a separate purchase. You will also get access to an RSS feed for either each event you've bought separately, or as an aggregated feed on your "Purchases" page. That said, we do recommend that you also download and back up all of your purchases.


Can I get an RSS of all the content I've purchased?

Yes! Just login to the site, click My Account at the top right, and then Purchases. From here, you can get an RSS feed of all audio, all video, or both, that you've purchased! 


What if I just want a feed for each event separately?

You can have that, too! Just login and click the event you want, and then select the RSS feed for that event.


Can I share my purchases with other people?

Please don't. It is against our Terms of Service, and against the spirit of the charitable nature of this site. While we cannot police what you do at home and with your friends and family, please note that each RSS feed is unique to each user. If a feed is posted publicly, we will know which account it's from and will take approriate action. We are required to defend our copyrights in order to have them respected. But again, this is for charity, so please encourage others to make a donation instead, or if they can't afford it, buy the event for them! Additionally, a reminder that uploading complete segments of Pardcast-A-Thon is also against terms of service. If we discover full programs uploaded to other services, for example YouTube, we will take necessary steps to have them removed, which may have a negative impact on your ability to use those services. Again, we are required to take such action to protect the copyright of our content.


I've made my purchase at the new site, but I no longer have access to my email. Can you help?

If your purchase was made after May 1, 2024 at, please contact info-at-nevernotfunny-dot-com with the email address you used. We may ask you questions to confirm your identity before making any changes and granting you access.


What if I've forgotten what email I used?

You can still contact us, but at a certain point, if we are unable to confirm your identity, you may have to make a new account and rebuy your desired content.


How do I change my credit card information?

Each purchase is done through our payment portal partner Stripe. At time of purchase, you can set the card you want to use.


I'm trying to view video in iOS, but get an error!

We believe we have solved this issue. If you are still experiencing this, please let us know at info-at-nevernotfunny-dot-com.

I'm using Apple Podcasts, if I pause my content, when I go back it's marked as finished and no longer in my "up next" playlist.

This issue is unique to Apple Podcasts, and is a result of using a private feed. If feeds aren't submitted to Apple Podcasts for ratings and inclusions in search, it seems that Apple treats them differently. There is nothing we can do about this. We recommend using a different podcatcher. Our users suggest Pocket Casts, which supports both private feeds (pasted into the search bar) and video RSS.

Have a question we didn’t address here? Email us at info-at-nevernotfunny-dot-com and we’ll do our best to answer it. And check back here for updates to the FAQ!